Welcome to Dynamic Landscaping & Irrigation

Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance has been serving the southeastern Pennsylvania and central and southern New Jersey area for more than 20 years, making us a dependable and trusted landscaping service company for both commercial and residential properties. Headquartered in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, we offer complete landscaping services, including property maintenance, lawn care, fertilization, aeration, landscape design and installations, ICPI-certified hardscaping, holiday and landscape lighting, outdoor putting greens, irrigation systems, pest control and snow removal services.

Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance offers free estimates so we can get to know your property and your needs, tailoring all our services to your desires and convenience. We guarantee your satisfaction as we go above and beyond to furnish the design, the results and the maintenance you want and deserve. Call us today so we can get started on shaping your very own Dynamic Landscape!

Landscaping Philadelphia Landscaping

Landscape/Hardscape Services

Concentrating in an array of hardscapes, including patios, retaining walls, stone and gravel walkways just to name a few, Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance serves all your landscape and hardscape needs. Going above and beyond to surpass your expectations, Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance offers both complex and more simplistic designs to highlight the attributes of your property.

NJ Lawn and Irrigation

Irrigation Services

As your NJ lawn and irrigation system experts in commercial and residential properties, Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance offers products that deliver superior quality and longevity. An irrigation system will not only improve your existing landscape design, it will also set your landscape apart from your neighbors’. Our Rain Bird sprinkling and irrigation systems provide efficient water usage with a level application of water and no run off.

Lawn Maintenance NJ

Landscape Maintenance

Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance can deliver the landscape of your dreams through our capable and trained technicians who are dedicated to providing an array of services from flower bed creation and shrub and tree plantings to deep root fertilization and aeration. Additionally, no task is too small; we also mow, edge and blow the grass clippings to keep your lawn and landscape looking sharp and professionally maintained.

Lawn Care NJ

Lawn Care Services

Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance is unsurpassed when it comes to Philadelphia lawn care. With more than 20 years of experience, we have become trusted in Pennsylvania lawn care and take our customers’ needs very seriously. Aside from the basics of mowing, we also care for your lawn to ensure it is healthy and strong for the entire season and beyond.

Pest Control NJ

Pest Control Services

Our professionals at Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance have been a part of NJ pest control for more than 20 years and have delivered guaranteed customer satisfaction. Using only the highest-quality pest control products, we take on pest control problems as if they were our own. Whether it’s prevention or control, Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance is ready to service all your Philadelphia pest control concerns.

Landscape Lighting NJ

Landscape Lighting/Holiday Lighting Services

Whether it’s your home or business, our Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance friendly and professional staff is prepared to offer landscape lighting design consultations and installation services. Our experts will also help you get your property ready for the holidays by handling all your holiday lighting needs. And don’t worry about that aggravating take down process; we have that covered as well. Call today and let us provide you with the highest-quality New Jersey lighting services.

Commercial Landscaping PA

Commercial Property Maintenance

Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance has been a reliable and trusted source of commercial property maintenance for more than 20 years.  Our longevity is a demonstration of our long-withstanding dedication to customer satisfaction. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance is your solution for all your commercial lawn maintenance needs, whether it’s planting shrubs or removing mass amounts of snow.

Manmouth County Snow Removal

Snow Removal Services

Snow removal can take a lot of effort, energy and money. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance wants to care for our customers year-round by being the favorite choice for Monmouth County snow removal.  Whether you need salting services or your driveway plowed, Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance are the snow soldiers on call to get you through the winter!