Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance is your NJ lawn and irrigation system expert for both commercial and residential properties. Having an irrigation system puts your landscape in a better position for maximum growth because a landscape design is only as good as its irrigation system. Our Rain Bird sprinkling and irrigation systems provide efficient water usage with the promise of an even application of water with no run off.

Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance’s irrigation and sprinkler systems guarantee long-lasting service with the most advanced and reliable products available. If you’re worried about noise or the unsightly appearance of sprinklers in your landscaping, we offer systems that operate in silent rotations then disappear into the ground when not in use. If you don’t require such an intricate system but still want to camouflage the secret to your lush, vibrant lawn, Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance also offers sprinkler systems that blend in with plants.


Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance’s New Jersey water irrigation systems come in a variety of designs created to meet your specifications. Whether you want to keep your lawn clear and pristine with sinking sprinklers or would rather have them blend into the landscape, Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance has an option that is right for you.


A sprinkler system is only as effective as its installation. If not properly installed, sprinkler systems can malfunction or breakdown often, resulting in costly tune-ups and repairs. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance guarantees our flawless installation process will have your irrigation system working properly with minimum up-keep.


The benefit of having Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance install your irrigation system is that we hold ourselves to the highest expectations. If you have problems with your sprinkler system, we are always available to visit your property and get it back online.


We stand behind the integrity of our irrigation systems, but like everything, they need a slight tune-up from time to time and parts can wear out. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance makes sure that we schedule regular and as-needed tune-ups to keep your irrigation system working perfectly and without any inconvenient or distracting problems.


Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance experts will diagnose any problems and help you determine the benefits of an irrigation system. Further, we will assess your lawn’s needs and help you devise a sprinkler system that will give your property the maximum coverage with little to no waste of water usage or corruption of your pristine landscape.

Spring Start-ups

Help your landscape get a speedy start to spring growth by installing an irrigation system at the dawn of the growing season. Even if there’s snow on the ground, it’s never too early to consult with Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance to get a jump start on your spring landscape potential.


Winterizing your irrigation system should be on the to-do list right up there with covering your plants and putting away the lawn furniture. Our Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance professionals take pride in our irrigation systems and want to ensure they’re primed for the next season.