Designing and creating the landscape of your dreams can easily become a nightmare if it is not properly attended to on a regular basis. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance provides an array of landscape maintenance services from flower bed creation and shrub and tree plantings to deep root fertilization and aeration. However, we also take into consideration the smaller tasks of mowing, edging and blowing to keep your lawn and landscape looking sharp and professionally maintained.

Lawn Renovation

Is your lawn in need of a total makeover? Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance offers lawn renovation to take your landscape from dull and drab to dynamic and dazzling. With more than 20 years of experience, we have the expertise and the equipment to give your landscape its own total makeover.

Sod Installation

Don’t waste your spring and summer putting in the time and sweat installing your own sod. Call Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance to not only do the work for you, but guarantee its success! Our years of yard maintenance has made us proficient in sod installation, so when we complete the job, we promise you will be happy with the results for many, many seasons to come.


The process of aeration is vital for a prominent lawn. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance technicians will pull tiny plugs of soil from your lawn to allow the plant roots to swell and expand, taking in more nutrients and water. Aeration gives your lawn a bigger, healthier gulp of water to give it a full, lush look.

Overseeding/Slice Seeding

Overseeding and slice seeding works best when carried out hand-in-hand with aeration. Knowing the right amount of seed for your area, mixed in with other varieties to give it the most potential growth is what Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance professionals do with exceptional expertise. Call us today to schedule a free estimate on how we can get your lawn from middle of the road to magnificent!


Setting the suitable lawn grade is crucial to ensuring appropriate drainage on your landscape or lawn so you don’t end up with water damage. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance experts have the skills and equipment to make certain your lawn and home is fully protected. If there are drainage problems, we are quick to correct the issue and get the job done as quickly as possible to minimize any potential damage.

Spring/Fall Cleanups

Whether residential or commercial, getting prepared for the change of seasons can be a daunting task. Let Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance certified professionals take the work off your shoulders and make sure everything is done right. We want to ensure there are little to no problems during the prime growing season of spring or the cold, blustery months of winter.

Landscape Bed Maintenance

In our more than 20 years of experience, we have come to find that landscape bed maintenance can really make or break a property. That’s why at Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance, we take your concerns, requests and comments seriously to deliver a top-notch landscape bed that will certainly be the envy of the neighborhood.

Flower Bed Creation/Plantings

You may already have a stunning landscape, but feel free to call Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance to spruce up the area and give it a little extra spice with flower beds. Our landscape designers will consult with you to determine the best plants for the climate, and the best design to continue the theme of your landscape.


Prevent soil erosion and help stave off those irritating weeds with a mulch application by Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance. Although sometimes used for decorative purposes, mulch can be a secret asset to creating not only uniformity and color to your landscape, but also a protective layer to your soil.

Shrub & Tree Planting

Having to plant shrubs or trees can be a huge undertaking for any sized property. Let the experts at Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance give you a hand in picking out the best trees and/or shrubs for your property. We also perfectly place them so they become a natural-looking part of your property.

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is the process in which a nutrient-rich liquid is injected beneath the soil. This formula helps roots grow even stronger and become more durable, and therefore less susceptible to disease and destruction. Call Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance today to schedule this vital component to maintaining the integrity of your trees and shrubs.

Lawn Service

Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance prides itself on being set apart from the pack when it comes to caring for your lawn. We know your lawn and your property is important to you, so we want to make sure you have the best-looking lawn possible. Trusting your lawn care company to do the job right the first time is important and we take that trust seriously. Call Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance for lawn service you can rely on.


Our professional mowers are always courteous, timely and professional. We want to make sure you’re never inconvenienced or left dissatisfied with our work. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance’s trained experts will deliver professional mowing services to all customers regardless of the size of their lawn.


Edging gives your lawn a sharp, precise look. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance experts don’t stop at mowing; we also offer edging to guarantee your lawn looks well-attended and without those unsightly blades of grass growing over the sidewalks or driveways.


At Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance, we believe you shouldn’t have to clean up the mess when we do the work. Our technicians will always blow grass clippings to make certain your walkways or driveways are clear of debris. Additionally, blowing the grass clippings back onto the yard creates natural organic compost as the clippings will slowly decompose and re-introduce nutrients back into the soil.