Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance isn’t your ordinary landscaping company. In addition to all of the typical landscaping services, we also specialize in all varieties of patios, decks, terraces, decorative paving, retaining walls and masonry fixtures. Our certified staff members can deliver landscaping and hardscapes that are elaborate and extravagant in design or are more on the delicate and formal side. We bring polished and professional techniques and proficiency to your requests. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance guarantees we know how to ask the right questions and perform the right analysis to get you the landscape you want.


Our landscape designers are nothing short of talented artists. An experienced and professional landscape designer will survey your property for its aesthetic potential and propose what plants, material and structures would benefit your property. After also taking into consideration the climate and level of sun exposure, we then formulate a detailed landscaping design proposal, which includes all the specific details, including time, expenses and continual maintenance estimates so you know exactly what to expect when designing the landscape or hardscape of your dreams.


Designing is just the first step toward enjoying a breathtaking landscape. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance delivers first-rate landscape and hardscape installation, promising you minimal distractions to your daily life.


Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance knows that life is filled with obligations that take us away from daily or weekly chores. We are available to maintain your walkways, patios, decks, retaining walls or any other landscape or hardscape on your property. So cross these chores off your list, because Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance is here for you.