Spring is finally here, and summer is well on its way. Summer is an incredible time of the year, but unfortunately, if you want your lawn to be green, lush and beautiful, you are going to have to water it! Not many people realize it, but there is actually a wrong way to water your lawn! By learning how to water the correct way, you will not only get the best results, but you can actually save more water! The following is a list from our experts on how to use your sprinkler system like a pro to water your lawn:

  • Water in the morning – Set up your sprinkler system so that it waters your lawn in the morning, preferably right when the sun is coming up. If you water during the hottest part of the day, much of the water will evaporate into the air, and if you water at night, your lawn won’t have time to dry and it presents the perfect opportunity for fungus and mold to grow on your lawn.
  • Water deeply, but less often – You only have to water a couple of times a week if you water deeply. The goal is to apply about a half an inch of water on your lawn at a time. This will encourage the roots of your lawn to grow deep and strong, which will allow it to be much more resilient in case of drought.

If you don’t currently have a sprinkler system installed in your lawn, contact us right away! Our experts will help you to design an irrigation system that will allow you to enjoy a beautiful, green lawn all summer!