There is no question that Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance is the preeminent PA pest control service. Experts in NJ pest control for more than 20 years, we have been helping our customers get rid of their turf pests and enjoy their lawn worry-free. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance uses only the finest pest control products because we want our customers to know we’re serious about what we do. Whether it’s prevention or control, Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance is ready to service all your Philadelphia pest control needs.

Perimeter Pest Control

You want your lawn to be a place where your children and pets can play and roam without becoming a host to some unwanted visitors. Let us help you protect what’s important to you with our perimeter pest control solution. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance will visit your home and apply our superior pest control solution to the outside perimeter, killing off any threatening pests. Our programs guard against even the toughest pests, giving you the peace of mind you need to not only enjoy your lawn, but to allow your children and pets to enjoy it too.

Insect Control

Insects can invade and destroy your lawn, home and any surrounding plant life, leaving you constantly trying to chase them down with a watered-down, ineffective insect control solution. Don’t waste your time and money on methods that don’t work. Call the PA pest control experts at Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance and allow us to use our knowledge and skills to eliminate your insect problem once and for all.


Spraying doesn’t have to be a scary process. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance employs a staff of certified lawn technicians who are skilled to handle even the biggest issues and manage them smoothly and with ultimate cautiousness. Don’t let the idea of spraying deter you from protecting your landscape and your family from the threat of unwanted lawn pests. Call the NJ pest control experts today at Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance.


Even after buying all those flea bombs, flea collars and flea sprays, you’re still seeing fleas. These jumpy little pests often hitch a ride into the home on an unsuspecting family pet or even our own clothing. Once they’re in, they lay eggs and multiply, leaving you with a sore trigger finger from trying to spray them out of existence. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance are experts in flea removal and will use our commercial-strength flea application to exterminate the fleas from your lawn so you and your family can enjoy the landscape without becoming unwary hosts to fleas.


Ticks can be very troublesome for humans. Once they hop on, they often burrow deeper into our skin, making extraction very difficult. Protect yourself and your loved ones from a tick infestation by calling Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance to prevent or destroy any threatening tick populations around your property.


Ants can be fun to watch, but not while they’re entering your home or gathering by the thousands all over your sidewalk. Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance is the optimum NJ pest control company to help you get rid of those ants once and for all and get back to doing what you want to do most- sit back and enjoy the comforts of your home and lawn.